To ensure all farm animals have a safe care free atmosphere where they can roam, graze and feel safe from harm, abuse, and fear.



Our Story

When a Canadian rescue (Ester’s Army) reached out to the pig community on facebook to help with the Maryland 34 we stepped up to help. The Maryland 34 consisted of 34 mix of farm pigs, pot-bellied pigs, mini horse and an Emu that were mated and sold for quick cash by a man who eventually abandoned this business and left the animals without resources. Since then 4 have died because of neglect. Jack, Penny, and Karen decided we need to get a farm and save these animals and any other farm animals from this kind of situation. It’s not the animals fault they are in this situation and deserve a better life. The Eastern Shore of Maryland have plenty of dog and cat rescues, but no clear options for farm animals – this is why we chose this area.

What We Do

We rescue and care for all farm animals, mainly pot-bellied pigs, from neglect and abuse or simply from family sickness who may not be able to care for the animals anymore.

Why We Do It

Because all farm animals deserve to have a safe, care-free atmosphere where they can roam, graze, and feel safe from harm, abuse, and fear. A place where they can play, rest, eat, and sleep without worrying about their safety.

We have just recently lost our beloved friend, Penny.
Her legacy will live on through Daisy’s Farm Friends.

Meet Daisy

This is Daisy (our name sake) Daisy is a 800 lb. farm pig with beautiful brown eyes. She loves to talk to people and will chatter as long as someone stands and listens to her.

Also on our farm is DJ (Daisy Junior,) a product of someone trying to make money on baby pigs. This darling girl is Daisy’s daughter. She is a mix between a potbellied pig and a farm pig. Too big for anyone to adopt.

Daisy’s Friends

This is Ron, he’s a miniature horse. Ron thinks that he is the security guard for the farm. We tend to agree with Ron, he does a great job.

Our Current Residents

Rescued Pigs

Mini Horse


May God Bless the animals and us, their caretakers while on earth.

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